X-Ray Multi-Meter for Service and QA in R&F and Dental

The QUART didoNEO line of meters introduce a new approach to the market of diagnostic x-ray measurement.

Base Unit

The didoNEO's base unit and detector are both optimized in size and weight. They represent the most compact x-ray meter sensor and base unit in the industry.

The unit screen enables an exposure wave form preview - simply tilt the device to show. Zoom-in and out for detailed visual analysis of the exposure graph.


The compact detector design enables measurements at locations with limited space, for instance behind scatter radiation grids to determine the equipment attenuation factor. The small size also has a very low influence on fluoroscopy AEC.

The detector can be easily and efficiently positioned at dental panoramic x-ray equipment.

General features

  • The system features the smallest and thinnest multi-parameter detector available 
  • The lightest multifunctional base unit ever designed in the industry
  • The user can access a waveform preview on the units display in the field - without the need to access a PC or laptop
  • Up to 10,000 exposures can be stored in full for future reference or reporting
  • Together with the system, several system options are available providing functional enhancement 
  • Technical Upgrades will future proof the meters to cater for changes in user requirements


  • Dose
  • Dose-Width Product*
  • Dose Rate Real-time / Maximum / Average / Half Exposure
  • kV max. / kV eff. (PPV)
  • Pulse / Pulse Rate
  • Exposure Time / Radiation Time
  • Direct-HVL
  • Total Filtration


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