Image Quality Indicator for CR scanner systems

The Pro-NDT CR is an imagine quality indicator that specialises in testing all important parameters of CR scanner systems. The device has been designed to measure to ASTM E 2445-05, ISO 16371-1 and EN 14784-1 regulatory standards, and is fully CE certified. The Pro-NDT CR image quality indicator provides means to measure spatial resolution, contrast, unsharpness, MTF, laser beam jitter, shading and scanner slipping. 

Pro-NDT CR Technical information 

The Pro-NDT CR imagine quality indicator can be modified to individual customer specifications. 

  • Dimensions: 350 x 430 x 19 mm
  • Dade of PMMA (Lucite)
  • Cassette positioning locator
  • Shaped brass target (laser beam jitter, MFT check, blooming / flare)
  • Pro-NDT DuplexWireIQI test object (basic spatial resolution, unsharpness)
  • BAM snail made of lead and low absorbent material (central beam alignment)
  • Two converging line pairs resolution patterns (Pro-Res MAM ConeType)
  • Three Ø19x0.3mm (EL, EC, ER) measuring points (shading correction)
  • Homogeneous 0.5mm Al strip (scanning slipping, shading)
  • Two cm/inch rulers (linearity check)
  • Three contrast sensitivity gauges made of Al, Cu and stainless steel with four holes of different depth
  • Calibration / test certificate according to ASTM E 2445-05, EN 14784-1 and ISO 16371-1

Each product comes with an operation manual providing guidelines for carrying out each test, results assessment and registration so each user can operate the image quality indicator effectively. 


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