Introducing Pro-Project's NDT range of Image Quality Indicators

25th May 2018

Pro-Project, manufacturers of image quality indicators

Southern Scientific Are the UK Distributors of Pro-Project's European Range of NDT Image Quality Indicators

Southern Scientific, part of the LabLogic Group, specialises in X-ray and radiation detection systems including software and hardware solutions. Being a manufacturer and a distributor, we have the widest range of products in the industry. Pro-Projects range of image quality indicators help to check image quality of CR scanners, X-ray instruments etc. are not affected by issues such as image unsharpness, laser beam jitter or other problems. 

The Pro-NDT DuplexWireIQI for Digital X-ray Applications

Pro-Project's image quality indicator range includes the NDT DuplexWireIQI. An instrument designed specifically to evaluate image unsharpness and spatial resolution for digital X-ray applications. Find out more about the Pro-NDT DuplexWireIQI image quality indicator and the similar Pro-NDT DuplexWireIQI D15


The Pro-Pinhole Phantom for Focal Spot Size

An effective pinhole camera for the measurement of focal spot size. The device has different diameter options to enable measurement of several sizes of focal spots, providing great flexibility. The Pro-Pinhole phantom is also available in four different diameters.


The Pro-NDT CR for CR Scanner Systems

A catch-all instrument for measuring important parameters of CR scanner systems; spatial resolution, contrast, unsharpness, MTF, laser beam jitter, shading and scanner slipping. Click here for more information of the Pro-NDT CR image quality indicator built specifically for CR scanner systems. 

Find out more information here on the full Pro-NDT CR image quality indicator range, or contact us