A compact and ergonomic digital radiation source finder

Designed specifically for locating I-125 seeds, the Seedseeker provides the sensitive response needed for the monitoring of low-energy gammas emitted by iodine isotopes.

The meter is turned on-and-off by the trigger on the handle and overcomes many common issues associated with other meters such as excessive weight, cost, and fragility.

Introducing SiPM detectors

The Seedseeker uses a CsI(Tl) Silicone Photomultiplier (SiPM) integrated detector for a quick and sensitive response. SiPMs, being solid-state devices, exhibit resistance to shocks and vibrations resulting from frequent handling by users. They find widespread use in radiation detection and medical imaging systems.

The compact design involves thousands of micron-sized avalanche photodiodes (APD) arranged in a customized array to achieve optimal optical coupling with the Seedseeker’s scintillation crystal. This reduction in size and weight is achieved without compromising counting efficiency.

Integrated detector

By using an integrated scintillation detector, it is a robust instrument that can withstand regular use in a busy department.

LCD display

Clear backlit LCD display with count rate displayed in large clear numbers and a bar scale underneath.

Smart averaging software

Smart averaging software ensures that a steady display can be read with confidence, whilst providing a quick response to ensure that seeds may be located with ease.


Weighs just 223 g.


Resistant to shock and vibrations caused by extensive handling thanks to solid-state technology.

Battery powered

Powered by two standard AA or rechargeable AA batteries.


No cables mean it has increased durability and longevity.

Dimensions 170 (H) x 88 (L) x 72 (W) mm
Mass 223 g
Power Requirements 2 x AA Batteries (1.5 V each)
Sensitivity I-125 is approximately 18,500 CPS/MBq at 25 mm, 1,950 CPS/MBq at 100mm, and 250 CPS/MBq at 300 mm
FWHM Resolution ~180 mm at 100 mm from source (No collimation)
Background Count Rate 2-4 CPS for I-125
Detector Operating Voltages SiPM based detector – 40 V
Default Discrimination Window Settings Discrimination Window: 58.6 mV - 330 mV
Lower and Upper Detection Limits Upper limit: 50,000 CPS (Over range)
Detector Energy (Gamma) Optimized for I-125 (35 keV)


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