C-Trak Apollo wireless and wired gamma probe for radio guided surgery.

Superior directionality and complete flexibility.

The C-Trak Apollo gamma probe allows for the detection of radiation during sentinel node biopsies, parathyroid and tumour localisation. The C-Trak Apollo’s distinctive feature is our superior sensitivity and directionality, but now we also offer wired and wireless connectivity with the same probe allowing for complete flexibility.

Using our proven and well respected OmniProbe® the Apollo allows for accurate and precise detection of various isotopes. Its superior directionality allows for quicker subject identification and localisation, and less invasive procedures.

Software for the C-Trak Apollo has been reimagined, with several new features including autoranging capabilities, choice of four audible signals, easier switching between isotopes (such as Tc-99m and I-125), storage of calibration tests and prompts for renewing calibration sources.

The C-Trak Apollo System is the latest in the Care Wise range of Surgical Guidance Systems, superseding the C-Trak Galaxy and the C-Trak Automatic Analyzers.

C-Trak Apollo gamma probe key features:

  • Wireless and wired probe connectivity to meet all preferences.
  • Easy switching between wired and wireless modes.
  • Choice of four audible signals.
  • Start timed count from Apollo handset.
  • Storage of timed counts eliminating the need for manual transcription.
  • Large touchscreen display for maximum visibility.
  • Manual or Auto-range capabilities.
  • Max count feature.
  • Fast calibration and enhanced diagnostics quickly ensure correct functioning.
  • Multiple probes can be stored within for use in a range of procedures.

C-Trak Apollo application areas:

  • Breast cancer
  • Cervical cancer
  • Endometrial cancer
  • Vulval cancer
  • Skin cancer
  • Prostate cancer

C-Trak Apollo range of probes and collimators 

The OmniProbe® collimator is optimized for the most common procedures like breast (axillary) sentinel lymph node Biopsy.

Our Omniprobe Lechner Collimator narrows directionality further with a smaller aperture and is optimal for head-neck procedures or others where subjects are often overshadowed by the injection site.

In addition to the OmniProbe® the C-Trak Apollo System can be fitted with alternative probes for specialist applications.

  • OmniProbe® is available in either straight or angled orientation
  • OmniProbe® PET used for detecting FDG and other PET emitting isotopes
  • OmniProbe® EL for Laparoscopic use (available in 0°, 20° or 90°)

C-Trak Apollo accessories 

  • Mobile workstation to store all system components
  • Printer for efficient record keeping
  • Foot pedal for optional use with wired probe system

C-Trak Apollo gamma probe existing customers 

Click on the tabs below to find out more about our customers, and how they are using the C-Trak Apollo in surgeries. 

Doncaster and Bassetlaw Hospitals, UK

The C-Trak Apollo gamma probe is the latest in our range of Surgical Guidance Systems and detects radioactive isotopes during sentinel node biopsies, as well as parathyroid and tumour localisation. Miss Clare Rogers, Consultant Breast Surgeon and Clinical Lead at Doncaster & Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, has been using the C-Trak Apollo to identify sentinel lymph nodes.

She was kind enough to share her experiences of the probe with us.



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