The SAMPack RD-120-G is a remote controlled radiation detection and identification system which can be configured as a backpack,shoulder pack, stationary monitor or custom design.

Clandestine operation is convenient with a smart phone or PDA Bluetooth controller. Operation is intuitive and automated with event monitoring inreal time. ANSI standard reports and spectra are displayed on thesmart device with the ability to manipulate the spectrum, review dataand transmit all information to the users command center.

The RD-120-G is designed to carry out various emergency responseoperations involving hazardous rad waste, orphaned sources, remediation activities and unobtrusively monitoring for WMD and RDD threats.

The high sensitivity of large NaI detectors makes this system uniquefor many applications. GPS data, photos and notes are alsoavailable which become part of the event log.


  • Sigma threshold triggering with auto correction.(Allows high sensitivity during changes in background).
  • < 9 lbs, easily carried in several configurations.
  • Low power consumption and Lithium Ion battery allows 24 hours operation.
  • Clandestine mode with or without earphones(e.g. vibration mode, color alert, real-time spectrum).
  • Shock resistant and water resistant.
  • Automated detector calibration.
  • Smart phone, ring tomes, camera, etc.
Detector NaI, 3He (optional), custom
Integrated Electronics Digital signal-processing MCA
Energy Range 20 keV to 3 MeV
Controller Display Bluetooth equipped PDA or Smart phone (password secured)
Controller I/O Micro-USB (PDA to PC)
Power 1 Lithium Ion rechargeable battery (24 hours operation)
Weight > 9 lbs (excluding PDA)
Dimensions 12" L x 9" W x 4" D (excluding PDA)
Water/Dust Resistance IP65
Temperature Range -20 to 50C
Controls Touch screen (and/or stylus)
Alarm Visual (on-screen PDA, Audio (volume adjustable PDA speakerand/or headphones), Tactile (PDA vibration).
Patented Technology Sigma threshold trigger with auto correction for backgroundchanges (allows high sensitivity to be maintained duringchanges in background intensity).
Calibration Automatic Calibration on start-up, AutomaticStabilisation during operation.
Library Standard N42.34 ANSI isotopes, Medical, Industrial, SNM, NORM
Functions Nuclide identification, spectrum analysis, dose rate calculation(rem/Sv), total dose, audible search tool, event data logging.
Standard Accessories Comfort-padded backpack, Smart phone PDA or similar.
Optional Modules Neutron Detector (He3 proportional counter)


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