SaphyRAD multiprobe MS survey meter with gamma dose rate measurement and contamination detection

The SaphyRAD MS is a multiprobe survey meter designed for operation on military fields or by hazmat teams.

Its monitor has been specifically conceived for use with CBRN protective clothing. Its ruggedized housing and its ergonomic interface with a wide and bright LCD display makes it ideal for day and night operations in harsh environmental conditions, even by non-radiation specialists.

Very versatile, the SaphyRAD MS can be used for radiation exposure monitoring (dose and dose rate), as well as for radiation contamination detection.

Its comprehensive range of probes allow the user to detect and measure alpha, beta, gamma and X-Ray radiations. The SaphyRAD MS also includes an embedded simulation tool for training without radioactive sources.

SaphyRAD multiprobe MS survey meter specifications

Item Details
Detectors 2 GM tubes
Dose rate measurement range 0,05 µGy/h to 10 Gy/h
Dose measurement range 1 µGy to 10 Gy
Energy range 50keV to 3MeV
Alarm management 2 thresholds for dose and dose rate
Keyboard 6 large buttons
Screen 3.5” color LCD display (320 x 240 pixels with automatic backlight level)
Alarm indicator 1 red LED, 1 high level buzzer (level adjustable), 1 vibrator
Data storage 1 SD Card connector for data measurement storage
Operating temperature -20°C to +50°C
Batteries 4 AA /LR06 standard mignons (alkaline, lithium or rechargeable NiMh)
Autonomy With Lithium primary batteries: 34 hours
With Alkaline primary batteries: 22 hours
With NiMh rechargeable batteries: 18 hours
Dimensions 194 x 115 x 49 mm
Weight (incl. Batteries) 660 g


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