This small, rugged & reliable Military Pocket Radiac is designed for reliability and performance


The Pocket Radiac is suitable for both Tactical and non-Tactical radiation protection use. This simple to operate, small, rugged and lightweight equipment combines unequaled performance and reliability. Features such as wide dynamic ranges for dose and dose rate, presettable alarms and the unique ability to measure not only Residual but also Prompt radiation, make this instrument clearly the instrument of choice for the foot soldier.

Vehicles and Helicopters

The Pocket Radiac is equally compatible with operation and use in all military vehicles and helicopters. Capable of operating on vehicular on aircraft power, the Pocket Radiac easily fits into the tightly crammed interiors. Detection probes may be mounted outside the vehicle or helicopter and can operate in conjunction with the detector of the internally located AN/UDR-13 to provide complete radiation assessments. Additionally, when used with an onboard computer, the optical RS-232 port of the AN-UDR-13 enables real time data to be provided to the computer such that dose rate mapping or iso-dose curves can be provided.

Personnel Dose Management

Utilizing the included infra Red RS-232 port and the AN/UDR-13's significant storage capability, the Pocket Radiac can greatly assist in the efficient dose management of personnel in a field organization. The serial numbers of the users may be stored in the unit, then upon use and possible exposure the total accumulated daily or weekly dose can be "read" by a computer and with minimal operator attendance, assigned to the users Radiation Dose file. Various safeguards (such as control key function restrictions) against accidental erasing of accumulated dose or missetting of alarm levels can be installed by computer through the infra Red port.


  • The direct reading AN/UDR-13 detects and quantifies dose rate of residual radiation units from 0.001 cGy/hr to 999 cGy/hr. It also measures neutron and gamma dose from initial prompt and residual radiation from 10 cGy to 999 cGy. Models are available from 0.001 cGy/hr to 300 cGy/hr and with Sv or Rad units.
  • Pre-settable audio & visual alarms
  • Ultra small size at 10.5 in³ (26.67 cm³).
  • Meets MIL-STD-810E for military environments.
  • Not affected by EMP
  • Nuclear hardened
  • Operable/readable by personnel is Mission Oriented Protection Posture (MOPP iV) or arctic clothing
  • Automatic self calibration.
  • Probes available for radiation and contamination monitoring.
  • Infra red port for data download to a PC.
  • Capable of running on vehicular or aircraft power.

Weight : 270 g (9.5 oz)


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