A discreet yet robust PRD designed for law enforcement, fire rescue, and other emergency responders to detect and interdict nuclear and radioactive materials. It also provides dose measurement and alarming capabilities for event response.

  • Solid and durable, with an impact-resistant covering.
  • Simple to use − no training required.
  • Discreet, with a top-screen display for quick-glance reading.
  • Long-lasting, easily replaceable batteries allowing more than 900 hours in the field.
  • Directionality, helping users zero in on trouble faster.
  • Low cost of ownership.

Made by radiation experts

Only get alerts for real threats

The AccuRad PRD runs on innovative Variable Background Suppression (VBS), allowing operation in varying background environments and will alarm only for a real threat or hazard.

Get accurate radiation exposure readings

The AccuRad PRD provides dose measurement and dose alarms for radiological events, utilizing Mirion’s long-standing expertise in the radiation safety industry.

Analyze incoming information in real time

The app allows real-time data visualisation and real-time data relays to increase situational awareness across many PRDs and other detectors. Compatible with a variety of platforms, including RadResponder, Sigma and SpirVIEW Mobile™ software.

By emergency responders for emergency responders

The AccuRad PRD is the first PRD developed in close collaboration with state and federal law enforcement and first responders to fit seamlessly into their routines and address the most critical, in-the-field needs from a radiation detection device.

The AccuRad PRD is built:

For the reality of field work - rough treatment, harsh conditions

The AccuRad PRD is solid, durable, with an impact-resistant covering to stand up to the test, time and time again.

For discreet, hands-free detection

The AccuRad PRD is lowprofile and easy to read with the top-screen display. Users no longer need to remove the PRD to take a look.

For waterproof protection

For when teams are (literally) putting out fires.

For “set it and forget it” use, with minimal training and maintenance required

The AccuRad PRD is in-the-field easy — simple to use even in the toughest situations and offers a tutorial library in the smartphone app.

For when you can’t let a source get away

Find the location of a radioactive hot spot in a large, busy environment with built-in directionality.

For an entire week, month, mission…without a battery change

The AA batteries in the AccuRad PRD last for 900 hours in the field, and are easily replaceable with commercial batteries.


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