2222A Neutron Monitor for measuring dose and dose rates

The Neutron Monitor 2222A He-3, DigiPig, is a new version of the former famous model 2222A. To apply new IATA transport regulations He-3 detector is used, with moderator containing polyethylene and boron plastic. Integration with SMD-technology gives a very compact monitoring including micro-processor, memory functions and real-time clock. With these electronics a number of new functions have been integrated.

The 2222A is intended as a general purpose instrument for radiation protection purposes as well as for continuous monitoring of levels of neutron radiation in locations where permanent dose monitoring is required.

The instrument measures the neutron dose rate in the unit of mSv/h with approximately correct ICRP Sv response curve in the energy range from thermal neutrons to 17 MeV. The instrument is essentially independent of direction of the source and has a very low sensitivity to gamma radiation.

Each unit is delivered with calibration protocol. The dose rate is presented in analog as well as digital form. The instrument is also measuring the accumulated dose presented in µSv and mSv.

Average dose rate values during 5 minute intervals are stored in RAM-memory for up to 16 hours operation. The content of the memory can be sent to an RS-232 terminal.

The instrument is also equipped with five pre-settable dose rate alarm levels, one in each decade. Pulse output for an external counter can be connected to the unit for remote readings.

2222A Neutron Monitor Features

  • Measured vaues are displayed in digital and bar-graph form on LCD.
  • Measuring both dose rate and dose.
  • He-3 nuetron counter meeting IATA transport regulations.
  • External pulse output.
  • Fulfils IEC61005.
  • Battery operated.
  • Internal data memory, RS-232 for communication.
  • Win Pig software for Windows PC.
Detector Helium tri filled counter (3He)
Moderator Polyethylene and boron plastic
Energy Range 0.025 keV - 17 MeV
HV Power Supply Voltage 260 - 1340 V, drift 1 V/°C frequency from DC/AC converter. 50 kHz
Neutron Sensitivity 0.35 - 0.5 cps/µSv/h (individual variation)
Gamma Sensitivity 1 Gy/h 137Cs gives <5 µSv/h
Real-Time Clock Presentation of date (yy/mm/dd) and time. ie: 120420 14:13
Memory Size 200 values stored in RAM
Output Connector RS-232 to terminal programme
Display LCD with eligible background light interval
Presentation Dose Rate Analog logscale, range 0.001 - 100 mSv/hDigital range 0.001 - 999.9 mSv/h999.9 mSv/h indicates OVERFLOW
Presentation Dose Summarised dose in digital range 0.01 µSv - 999.9 mSv999.9 mSv/h indicates OVERFLOW
Dose Rate Alarm Five preset values for dose rate manually selected by push buttonSelectable values are: 10 µSv/h. 100 µSv/h, 1 mSv/h, 10 mSv/h, 100 mSv/h
Pulse Output Height +2.8 V, length 700 ns, load 10 kohm min
Power Supply Internal: Alkaline batteries 6 x 1.5 V IEC LR14, operational time 80 hrsExternal: Via connector. A battery eliminator can be used
Power Consumption Power off mode 0.25 mAPower on mode 75 mA
Temperature Range -10°C to +40°C
Dimensions Ø215 x 325 mm, 10.5 kgs (including batteries)


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