The Cobia FLEX offers you the flexibility to connect different external probes and ion chambers, with the option of built-in mAs.

The Cobia Flex offers the same ease of use as the Cobia Smart, but with more possibilities, making X-ray quality assurance procedures as quick and accurate as possible.

Easy to use with more possibilities

A straightforward and simple to use instrument, the Cobia Flex is able to connect to external probes and ion chambers via the ion chamber adapter as well as the usual built-in MAS and internal detector, producing a system that is accurate, inexpensive and easy to use. Simply expose either the external probes or the internal detector to the X-ray source and the output of the X-ray tube is displayed on the crystal clear display or can be stored in the instrument and read after all your measurements are complete. If both the internal detector and an external probe are exposed, the Cobia Flex can even detect which X-ray source is most likely to be the required measurement by comparing dose and displaying the highest. Alternatively, both can be viewed.

Compatible with external probes

  • RTI Dose Probe
  • MAS-1
  • MAS-2
  • T20 Solid Detector
  • Light Probe
  • RTI Chamber Adapter

Cobia Range

  • No positional dependence.
  • Large rotatable display.
  • Multiple languages.
  • Log/history function.
  • Measures pulsed radiation.
  • Full auto range (kV, TF and Sensitivity).
  • Solid-state detectors, no need to compensate for temperature and pressure.
  • Long-lasting rechargeable battery.
  • 2-year calibration cycle.
  • Built-in energy compensation.
  • Free firmware upgrades via internet or CD.

Cobia Flex

  • The ability to attach external probes and ion chambers.
  • Automatic probe recognition.
  • No position dependence.
  • Bluetooth and USB connectivity.
  • Ocean software compatible.

Cobia Flex General

Weight Approx 290 g
Size 138 x 76 x 27 mm³
Power source Int. battery / ext. power supply
Battery life 10 – 20 hours
Display Color, 320x240 pixel
Min. exp. time 0.1 ms
Sensitivity 0.2 mA @ 50 kV, 50 cm (3 mm Al)

Internal mAs

Ranges 0.1 – 999 As, 1 mA – 999 mA
  0.01 – 999 mAs/p, 1 – 999 mA/p
Inaccaracy ±3 % or ±0.1 mA

Cobia Flex Measuring Parameters

Parameter Range  Inaccuracy
Tube volt. 38 – 155 kVp   ±2 %
Time 0 ms – 2000 s  ±1 % or ±0.33 ms
  3 – 9999 pulses  –
Dose 60 nGy – 1700 Gy    ±5 %
  7 μR – 200 kR   ±5 %
 Dose rate    2.5 µGy/s – 175 mGy/s  ±5 % or ±200 nGy/s
   0.3 mR/s – 20 R/s  ±5 % or ±20 μR/s
   17 mR/min – 1200 R/min  ±5 % or ±1 mR/min
   1 R/h – 70 kR/h  ±5 % or ±70 mR/h
Auto-Comp.  1.5 mm Al – 1.4 mm Cu  N/A
HVL  1.2 – 14 mm Al  ±10 % or ±0.2 mm
Total Filtration  1.0 – 55 mm Al  ±10 % or ±0.3 mm Al
Pulse frequency  1/6 – 260 Hz  ±5 % or ±0.2 Hz
Dose/pulse  10 nGy/p – 1 Gy/p  ±5 %
   1.1 µR/p – 120 R/p  ±5 %
Effective time  0 ms – 1999 s  ±1 % or ±0.33 ms

External Dose Probes

RTI Dose Probe

The RTI Dose Probe is specially designed for low dose rate measurements. 

T20 Dose Detector

T20 dose detector is small enough to leave the X-ray system's output undisturbed.

MAS Probes


The Simple Way of Non-invasive Measurements. Safe and easy to use.

Ion Chambers

DCT10 Pencil Ionization Chamber

The simple way of invasive measurements. Together with Piranha or Barracuda direct reading of mA and mAs as well as waveform are obtained.

Magna 1 cc

Designed especially for mammographic measurements.


HVL Stand and Filters

Measuring half value layers for Rad and Mammo. Holder and filters.



RTI Soft Shell Case

RTI's soft shell case is a perfect solution for storage of your Cobia or Piranha. The soft shell case fits perfectly for the Cobia Smart or Piranha and is smooth, easy and safe


Light Probe

Light Detector measures the brightness on monitors and film viewing boxes.



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