Inhalation made easy and safe with the M-neb® dose lung ventilation unit from NebuTec

The M-neb® dose employs a flow controller.

The aerosol production is triggered by the patient‘s own inspiration.

During nebulisation, the blue LED on the controller lights up.

M-neb® dose lung ventilation unit 

  • Low initial activation (< 300MBq) due to breathing-controlled nebulisation of the radiopharmaceutical
  • Low air contamination due to filtration of exhalation air
  • Optimum particle size for the disposition of the aerosol in the ROI
  • Visual nebulisation control using LED display
  • Safe filling of the nebulisation chamber by LUER lock port
  • Single-use patient kits guarantee optimum hygiene
  • Easy operation of the controller
  • Small space requirement due to a small controller footprint and manageable nebuliser shielding
  • Flexible application possible even for reclining patients

M-neb® dose lung ventilation unit controller

Technical data
Size 85 x 54 x 18 mm
Weight 75 g


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