No other well counter offers the speed, accuracy and built-in features of the CAPRAC®-t

The CAPRAC®-t provides a menu-driven, touch screen interface that is easy to learn and operate.

The well counter includes a 256 channel MCA for energy discrimination and displays a detailed photon energy spectra for isotope identification and analysis. Automatic and manual ROI selections are available. Definable efficiencies for specific radionuclides allow the CAPRAC®-t to calculate results in cpm, dpm, nCi, cps, dps or kBq.

The CAPRAC®-t allows individual user defined counting protocols for laboratory tests as well as trigger levels for work, package, unrestricted and sealed source wipe tests. The high sensitivity drilled Sodium Iodide NaI(Ti) well detector performs counting functions for activities as low as 1 nCi in as little as 6 seconds.


  • 8” VGA touch screen color display
  • 256 channel MCA with detailed spectrum for identification analysis
  • NaI(Ti) drilled-well crystal detector
  • Automatic Energy Calibration, Constancy Check, and Background Subtraction
  • Automated well QC including chi-square and MDA
  • Manual and Automatic ROI
  • Sets user definable protocols for wipes
  • Print outs of all data for permanent records with the optional printer
  • Direct readouts with spectrum display are in cpm, dpm, Curies and Bequerels
  • Meets all state and NRC wipe test requirements
  • USB and RS-232 communication ports for PC and printer
  • Compatible with nuclear medicine information management systems
  • Lab tests include Schilling, Plasma and RBC volume
  • Built-in database for test and wipe results as well as QC
Well Detector 1.5” Sodium Iodide (NaI) drilled-well crystal detector256 Channel MCA, manual and automatic ROITrigger Levels: User-definableAutomated Calibration and Background SubtractQC tests: Reproducibility, Chi-square, MDA
Display Type: 8” VGA LCD color touch screen displayBq/Ci Reading: User selectable or fixedActivity Display: Selected radionuclide, efficiency, measured activity and display units (Bq/Ci)Count Rate Values: Wipe and lab test results
Standard Source Data System Memory: Cs-137, Eu-152Efficiency for commonly used isotopes
PC Port RS-232 and USB; Compatibility: Standard nuclear medicine management systems
Printer RS-232 & USB Ports; Epson Roll, Epson Slip or Okidata dot matrix
Power 100-240 VAC (50/60 Hz) 100 MA
Tests Full test of program, system memories
Cable Printer (Optional): 1.8m (6ft)Power: 1.8m (6 ft)
Console Dimensions 42 x 23 x 27cm / 9.5" x 9" x 10.5"Weight 3.4 kg / 7.5 lbs
Well Counter Dimensions 23.8 x Ø15.2 / 9.38" x  Ø6"Weight 6.9 kg / 15.2 lbsWell Diameter Ø1.7cm / Ø0.67"Well Depth 3.8cm / 1.5"Cable length 2.7m / 9 ft


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