The PM704 transportable personnel monitor is the solution of choice for temporary radiation inspection applications. It is ideal for inspecting people gathered at events, such as sporting venues, political conferences or government functions. First responders can quickly transport the PM704 to a site and be ready to inspect people for radiation contamination. It also serves as a backup pedestrian monitor when additional inspection capacity is needed.

Required Detection Performance

The PM704 is a compact and lightweight system that delivers the required radiation detection performance for effective personnel inspection. Large collimated PVT gamma detectors are housed in the vertical pillars. The PM704 meets the requirements of US and international pedestrian inspection standards, as well as the US FEMA standard for radiological emergency response.

Easy to Store and Deploy

When not in use, the PM704 is safely stored in its protective case, which can easily be moved to wherever an inspection is needed. Once at the site, the unit is quickly assembled and ready to begin inspecting in a few minutes. The PM704 consists of just a few components – two vertical pillars, a horizontal top crossover between the pillars and foot plates for stability – that require no special tools to assemble.

Attractive Rugged Design

The PM704, which is suitable for indoor or outdoor installations, meets the IP65 environmental requirements. The attractive design is also rugged and able to withstand repeated uses with minimum maintenance.



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