Protecting people and the environment with the GammaTRACER XLS-2

29th August 2023

Bertin Instruments have recently developed a rapid response system for emergency situations at nuclear facilities

Designed to prevent or mitigate incidents after natural disasters, accidents, or attacks, Bertin’s system provides fast and independent assessment of the dose rate, which is essential. This portable environmental monitoring system was developed specifically for an existing nuclear organization who originally used eight GammaTRACER XL2 probes. Each probe has an internal solar panel, adjustable stands for field deployment, 4G data transmission and a secure transport case that weighs less than 16kg.

Based on the success of these, the organization expanded the monitoring system with eight additional probes (spectroscopic or dose rate only) and an active air monitoring system. The latest dose rate probe is the improved GammaTRACER XL2-2, which enables data transmission via satellite in an emergency if the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) fails. In the event of a failure, the probe automatically switches from GSM to satellite transmission.

Ensuring continuous monitoring for local populations and environment

Robust and mobile, the system is independent of existing infrastructure to ensure continuous monitoring and protection of the local population and surrounding environment. The system is transportable and can be deployed in adverse conditions. The probes’ power consumption twinned with integral solar panels ensures autonomous operation, irrespective of local power supply. Software is cloud-based, meaning maintenance and updates can be executed remotely with internet access to transmit measurement data, regardless of location.

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