FLIR launches the new identiFINDER® R225

22nd August 2023

The new spectroscopic personal radiation detector has exceptional detection and identification capabilities for gammas and neutrons

FLIR has released the next generation of Spectroscopic Personal Radiation Detector (SPRD), the identiFINDER® R225. Building on the capabilities of the preceding R200, the R225 has the same intuitive functionality but with improved detection and identification of gammas and neutrons. It has exceptional sensitivity and can identify the specific radionuclide.

As well as being handheld, the R225 can also be worn by users for continuous monitoring and can detect even slight changes in background radiation levels to detect radioactive material. It also has an extended battery life with a hot-swappable function, meaning batteries can be changed without the R225 having to power down, safeguarding users in the field.

The R225 has the same ergonomic three-button design common to all FLIR radiation identification devices (RID). This allows users to operate with just one hand in challenging conditions. It also includes a transflective color display but with improved brightness. This allows data to be viewed clearly in different lighting conditions and through polarised lenses, allowing it to be read in all environments.

Key features

  • 18mm cubic CsI detector with SiPM (G/GN) for ≤7.5% resolution
  • Optional LaBr(Ce) spectroscopic detector (LG/LGN) for ≤3.5% resolution
  • Built-in Bluetooth, Wifi, and GPS
  • 30+ hours battery life with hot-swappable function
  • ANSI N42.48 SPRD compliance
  • MSLTD 810g (Salt/Fog) compliance
  • Rated to IP67 for protection against total dust ingress and water submersion

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