VIDEO: Ultra-low-level analysis is back with Hidex’s newest liquid scintillation counter

5th July 2023

The Hidex ULLA is the first ultra-low-level analyzer available since the 1220 QUANTULUS™

Hidex has released the ULLA, a new ultra-low-level analyzer and liquid scintillation counter that delivers absolute accuracy and precision for applications in hydrogeology, the detection of biogenic carbon content, and measuring trace concentrations of alpha and beta radioisotopes in soil, food, and drinking water. Since the discontinuation of the 1220 QUANTULUS™, there has not been an ultra-low-level liquid scintillation counter available until now.

The ULLA achieves ultra-low background with a passive lead shield and geometrically optimal active guard. This surrounds a triple PMT detector to provide exceptionally high counting efficiency, luminescence-free counting, and absolute activity counting using the Triple-to-Double Coincidence Ratio (TDCR) technique found in all Hidex LSCs. TDCR uses three PMT detectors as opposed to two like traditional counters use. This corrects both color and chemical quenching and eliminates internal radiation sources, as well as delivers greater counting efficiency.

Superior reduction in background radiation

The Hidex ULLA’S superior background reduction means that variable environmental radiation does not affect sample count rates, allowing very long counting times of ultra-low activity samples and measurements normally only possible in dedicated underground labs. The detector can be flushed with nitrogen to remove Rn-222 gas, which is commonly found in such facilities.

The ULLA includes many innovative features such as:

  • Alpha/beta separation with a 3D graphical A/B-calibration tool.
  • Luminescence-free counting for samples with long luminescence decay.
  • Default quench correction using TDCR.
  • Cooling modules maintain sample stability.
  • Vials are deionized prior to loading to remove static electricity.

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