Immediate high-resolution PET-CT in the OR with the XEOS AURA 10

12th July 2023

This revolutionary new PET-CT specimen imager allows immediate assessment which can prevent resurgery

Southern Scientific is pleased to announce itself as the new UK distributor for the XEOS AURA 10 PET-CT specimen imager, which brings molecular imaging with high spatial resolution to the operating room for groundbreaking intraoperative CT. The AURA 10 delivers increased precision by integrating 3D PET molecular imaging and high-resolution X-ray CT capabilities into a mobile compact unit.

XEOS have developed a coregistration method that enables direct spatial mapping between histopathology and PET-CT images. This method can help understand how the histology of the tissue drives the PET signal.

High-resolution PET-CT and histopathology of an invasive ductal carcinoma captured using the AURA 10.

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