Ensuring purity in Tc-99m production for reliable SPECT scans

19th July 2023

Tec-Control™ Aluminium Breakthru Kits deliver fast, inexpensive Quality Control tests when using a Molybdenum generator

Southern Scientific now supplies Tec-Control™ Aluminium Breakthru Kits to test aqueous solutions for trace quantities of aluminium through chromatography. Traces of aluminium are typically found in pertechnetate eluate during the production of Technetium-99m using a Molybdenum generator.

The British Pharmacopoeia allows a concentration of <5 micrograms per millilitre (5 µg ml) in Tc-99m eluate. These kits allow radiopharmaceutical Quality Control to be performed quickly, easily, and inexpensively when performing SPECT scans. Each kit contains an aluminium standard solution and 50 indicator strips. 

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