Effective decontamination of radionuclides with Bind-It™ decontamination fluid

13th March 2023

Bind-It™ is an ideal alternative for Biodex’s Radiacwash™ which has been discontinued

Biodex’s Radiacwash™ has been a popular radiodecontamination solution for nuclear medicine departments and equine vets, but since the acquisition of Biodex by Mirion Technologies, they have announced Radiacwash™ will no longer be produced.

Bind-It™ by LTI is an alternative decontamination fluid readily available and supplied by Southern Scientific. It is used to clean and remove residual radionuclide contamination, with a unique affinity for radioiodine. It has also been found to be an effective decontaminant for a wide variety of radionuclides, including Tc-99m, F-18, Lu-177, and others.

General-purpose decontaminants use electropositive ionic agents that repel electronegative radionuclide atoms. This only pushes them away, whereas Bind-It™ binds it and suspends it in solution. When combined with water, it becomes a subsidising cleaner that lifts residual radionuclides, allowing them to be removed properly. Bind-It™ is available as a hand soap, bottled spray, and concentrate.

Bind-It™ is already used at many hospitals across the UK including Aberdeen Royal Infirmary where Principal Technologist Lesley Lovell uses it to decontaminate patient rooms used for iodine therapies. You can find out what Lesley had to say by clicking here.

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