RTI's Extended Warranty

10th October 2018

RTI X-ray QA meters with the best warranty on the market

RTI's Extended Warranty Program for the Piranha and Cobia X-ray QA Meters gives you up to a 10 year warranty.

All RTI Piranha X-ray QA meters and Cobia X-ray QA meters come with a 24 month factory warranty as standard. When calibrating your instruments you can simply join the RTI Extended Warranty Program to increase your warranty for 2 years at a time - up to 10 years.

The standard calibration cycle for RTI Piranhas is a huge 24 months, so combined with the Extended Warranty Program it ensures your instrument is always working accurately, with a low lifetime cost.

For more information about the RTI Extended Warranty Program or the instruments don't hesitate to contact us