A self contained, multi-functional meter for all X-ray based QA applications, the Piranha provides easy and fast X-ray quality control.

Simply Plug n Play

The Black Piranha with accessories makes X-ray QA easy and fast. Connection is automatic – just plug n play. The Quick Check feature identifies the probes you insert and selects the optimum Piranha settings for your measurements – sit back and let the Piranha do the work!

Both Quick and Thoughtful

Everything happens in a flash! The Black Piranha is quick, Ocean 2014 is quick and therefore your daily QA-work will go quickly. Ocean can perform instant real-time analysis during your measurements. Ocean also prepares a report in the background as you go. So when the work is done, if you want a complete report of your work – just press print!

Use your tablet/laptop as both an interactive display during the measurements and as a powerful analysis tool when you are back at the office. All your measurements, along with the result and the report will be stored inside your tablet or laptop. No unnecessary, time-consuming data-transfer at the end of the day.

A Piranha Never Forgets

During the measurements you will only see the desired values on your tablet or laptop but since the Piranha continues to work behind the scenes, you always have access to all of the data from each measurement. This enables you to perform for instance trend analysis and study the history of each X-ray equipment – even months after you have completed your measurements.

A Complete QA Solution Instantly

The Piranha comes ready-to-use with everything you need included. It is really an all-in-one multifunction meter. Connect to your computer wireless or via USB and you have a complete QA-system! The number of Piranha models available ensures that you only pay for what you need. As your needs grow, you have unlimited ability to upgrade your Piranha.

Position Check

Piranha has a unique feature that makes it possible to check the position of the detector before measuring. By using the “Position Check” function, you can verify that the detector area is fully irradiated. Possible field inhomogeneities are also neutralized.

  • All-in-one multifunction X-ray meter
  • Automatic recognition of external probes
  • One-shot HVL for Mammography, Radiography, CT, and Dental
  • Small, compact & robust – easy to place
  • Solid-state detectors = no need to compensate for temperature & pressure
  • Backscatter protected
  • Can measure on scanning beams as well as tomosynthesis
  • Long-lasting rechargeable battery
  • Optimized for X-ray equipment from a large number of manufacturers
  • Lead-free
  • Built-in energy compensation
  • Always free firmware upgrades
  • Can be used together with ion chambers
  • Firmware is easily updated via Internet or CD
  • Wide-range detection of total filtration
  • Upgradable to any model you want
  • 100 meters Bluetooth range
  • Up to 10-year warranty
  • Unique detector design to minimize position and rotation dependence
  • 2-year Calibration Cycle

General Black Piranha

Weight Approx. 405 g
Size 133 x 75 x 26 mm3
Power source Rechargable batteries, external power supply
Battery life Approx. 15 hours
Interface type Built-in bluetooth and USB
Display unit PC or RTI handheld display
Min. exp. time 0.1 ms


Sampling rate 4–2000 samples/s
Recording time 1024 ms–524 s


Range Inaccuracy Quick HVL
35 – 160 kVp (Rad/Flu) ±1.5 % Yes
35 – 105 kVp (Dent) ±1.5 % Yes
45 – 160 kVp (CT) ±1.5 % Yes
0.1 ms – 2000 s ±1 % or ±0.5 ms  
1 – 65535 pulses ±1 pulse  
15 nGy – 1000 Gy ±5 %  
2 μR – 100 kR ±5 %  
15 nGy/s – 450 mGy/s ±5 % or ±7 nGy/s  
1.7 μR/s – 50 R/s ±5 % or ±0.8 μR/s  
0.1 mR/min – 3000 R/min ±5 % or ±0.05 mR/min  
1 – 90 mm Al total filtr. ±10 % or ±0.3 mm  
1.2 – 14 mm Al HVL ±10 % or ±0.2 mm  


Range Inaccuracy Quick HVL Compr. Paddle
18 – 49 kVp (Mo/30 µm Mo) 1.5% ±0.7 kV Yes Yes
20 – 46 kVp (Mo/25 µm Rh) 2% ±1 kV Yes Yes
18 – 49 kVp (Mo/1.0 mm Al) 2% ±1 kV Yes Yes
25 – 49 kVp (Rh/25 µm Rh) 2% ±1 kV Yes Yes
20 – 49 kVp (W/0.70 mm Al) 1.5% ±0.7 kV Yes Yes
20 – 49 kVp (W/50 µm Rh) 2% ±1 kV Yes Yes
20 – 48 kVp (W/0.50 mm Al) 2% ±1 kV Yes Yes
20 – 40 kVp (W/55 µm Ag) 2% ±1 kV Yes Yes
20 – 40 kVp (W/75 µm Ag) 2% ±1 kV Yes Yes
40 – 49 kVp (W/0.30 mm Cu) 2% ±1 kV Yes Yes
0.1 ms – 2000 s ±1 % or ±0.5 ms    
1 – 65535 pulses ±1 pulse    
25 nGy – 1500 Gy ±5 %    
3 μR – 150 kR ±5 %    
25 nGy/s – 750 mGy/s ±5% or ± 0.04 μGy/s    
30 μR/s – 86 R/s ±5 % or ±4 μR/s    
1.8 mR/min – 5100 R/min ±5 % or ±0.3 mR/min    
0.19 – 0.8 mm Al HVL ±10 %    

Piranha includes free Ocean Connect 2014 software with the following features:

  • Bluetooth or cable.
  • Tablet or PC.
  • Free updates from RTI.
  • License held within the Piranha and can be downloaded onto multiple devices.

Click here for more inforation on Ocean Software

External Dose Probes

RTI Dose Probe

The RTI Dose Probe is specially designed for low dose rate measurements. 

T20 Dose Detector

T20 dose detector is small enough to leave the X-ray system's output undisturbed.

MAS Probes


The Simple Way of Non-invasive Measurements. Safe and easy to use.

Ion Chambers

DCT10 Pencil Ionization Chamber

The simple way of invasive measurements. Together with Piranha or Barracuda direct reading of mA and mAs as well as waveform are obtained.

Magna 1 cc

Designed especially for mammographic measurements.


HVL Stand and Filters

Measuring half value layers for Rad and Mammo. Holder and filters.



RTI Soft Shell Case

RTI's soft shell case is a perfect solution for storage of your Cobia or Piranha. The soft shell case fits perfectly for the Cobia Smart or Piranha and is smooth, easy and safe


Light Probe

Light Detector measures the brightness on monitors and film viewing boxes.


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