Seamless radiation monitoring with Mirion's handheld radiation detection range

26th September 2018

Explore handheld radiation products from Mirion Technologies including dose rate meters and personal dosimeters.

RDS-30/31 - Radiation Survey Meter

The digital handheld dose rate meter is a user-friendly, durable, general-purpose radiation survey meter. The RDS-30 measures and displays in μSv/h or mrem/h, boasts a long battery life of over a year and incorporates both visual and audible alarms.

The RDS-31 modular radiation survey meter is a GM-tube-based handheld gamma radiation detector, including a range of external smart alpha, beta and gamma probes for direct connection.

DMC 3000 - Electronic Radiation Dosimeter

The DMC 3000 is a personal electronic radiation dosimeter that can be used for gamma and X-ray energy response. Alarms indicators can be coupled with ultra-bright LEDs and vibration capability, with two-button operation. The DMC 3000 can operate for up to nine months on a single standard AAA battery.

RAD-60 - Electronic Radiation Dosimeter

The compact RAD-60 provides a digital display for integrated dose or alternatively dose rate, and has user determined alarm levels. The dosimeter features ruggedized clip fixing, splash-proof mechanical construction, and a high impact plastic case with strong pocket clip.

All of these devices are suitable for: nuclear power, military and homeland security, healthcare, industry and manufacturing, and laboratories and education.