Introducing MOLECUBES

17th October 2017

Southern Scientific are delighted to introduce MOLECUBES, a new spin-off company from Ghent University and the INFINITY preclinical lab. MOLECUBES provide three separate benchtop imagers or "CUBES", perfectly suited for in vivo multimodal, whole body imaging.

Southern Scientific are the UK's exclusive distributor for this innovative new company. MOLECUBES are already a success around the globe, with an increasing number of installations in top research institutions. MOLECUBES have received high praise from preclinical laboratories, with glowing testimonials from research professionals:

Prof. Vanhove is responsible for running the daily functioning of the preclinical INFINITY lab, in Ghent, Belgium, using the MOLECUBES he said, 

"the PET, SPECT and CT hardware and software proved to be very robust and reliable."  Click here for the full review.

In June 2017, MOLECUBES installed a PET/CT whole-body rat and mouse set-up at the University of Pennsylvania (UPENN). The Small Animal Imaging Facility at UPENN provides multimodal radiological imaging and image analysis for cells and tissues in small animals. Professor Joel Karp, who oversees the PET Imaging/ Cyclotron Facility and directs operations at the Nuclear Medicine Core Facility said,

"The high performance made MOLECUBES an obvious choice for us, together with the clever design and excellent engineering. In addition, the option to use the CUBES individually or together was important factor, since our goal was to increase throughput". Click here to read the full article.