We now supply ITECH instruments!

22nd September 2016

Southern Scientific is now able to offer a range of nuclear instrumentation and spectroscopy software from ITECH Instruments in France. Their products include tools for measurement and analysis in gamma spectroscopy and alpha spectroscopy.

For gamma spectroscopy we offer a wide range of solutions including:

Venus universal multi-channel analyzer for scintillation detector spectroscopy and counting.  The Venus supplies all necessary electronics in a small tub housing with fast USB2 communication and high voltage power supply it is ideal for radiochemistry laboratories and OEM applications in which scintillators are necessary.

The most versatile and popular InterWinner family of software programs for hardware operation and control, spectrum acquisition and analysis.

High resolution gamma spectroscopy using germanium detectors in a variety of crystal geometries and cryostat designs.

NaI and other scintillators for convenient field and laboratory applications.