New mammography calibrations now available for the Black Piranha

10th March 2016

RTI2015.12A, the latetst software release from RTI, includes new mammography calibrations for Fujifilm and Hologic, improvements and bug fixes.

Mammography Improvements

Calibrations for Fujifilm Amulet Innovality
To handle the mammography spectra for the Fujifilm Amulet Innovality two new calibrations have been added:
W/0.7 mm Al (Innovality), [M19]
W/50μm Rh (Innovality), [M20]
Product note, PN_Pir_005_Piranha on Fujifilm Amulet Innovality, describes this further.

Improvements in calibrations related to Hologic Mammography units
A range of changes in mammography calibrations have been made to improve accuracy of the Black Piranha with purpose of improve the accuracy for measurement on Hologic Mammography units.

Changes have been made for following radiation qualities:

For Hologic Selenia:
W/50μm Ag (Sel) [M16]
W/50μm Rh (Sel) [M17]
Mo/25μm Rh (Sel) [M21] new!
Mo/30 μm Mo [M1]

For Hologic Selenia Dimensions:
W/0.7 mm Al [M15]
W/50μm Rh [M6]
W/50μm Ag [M10]
W/0.3 mm Cu [M18]
PN_Pir_006_Piranha Improvements in calibrations related to Hologic Mammography units, describes this further.

Note: The new mammography calibrations are available for Black Piranha only. Furthermore - recalibration of the Black Piranha is required. Latest version of Ocean 2014 (comes with this release) is also required. These new calibrations are not available with the RTI Handheld and QA-Browser.

This latest release also provides:

  • Improved Bluetooth Pairing.
  • Dose rate and tube current at short exposure times.
  • kVp and PPV at short exposure times.
  • Measures at lower dose rates on pulsed fluoroscopy.
  • Improved frame rate calculation.