A new era in Cardiac Imaging

7th September 2011

The Cardius X·ACT cardiac imaging camera, now available in the UK from Southern Scientific, is a fully integrated SPECT·VCT design featuring high speed solid-state detectors able to collect both the emission and the CT transmission data, eliminating the need to move patients between data collections.

The 68.5 wide FOV low dose volume CT attenuation correction approach delivers 80 times more counts than isotopic techniques during a short can time (typically 7 mins) that encompasses approximately 10 to 15 respiratory cycles. The dose from attenuation correction is low, at up to 5 µSv.

The open design and wide orbit radius enables you to image claustrophobic, COPD and bariatric patients up to 227 kgs. Upright patient positioning allows for better separation of the heart from the livery and bowels, so artifacts from overlying activities are significantly reduced. Combined with Digirad's fully automated motion correction software, the X·ACT provides rapid, consistent high image quality for patients of any size.