Introducing multi-modal sampling GC/MS with continuous air monitoring

9th March 2011

The new Griffin™ 460 provides detection, confirmation and continuous monitoring in a single instrument.

The Griffin™ 460 mobile GC/MS enables innovative multi-modal sample introduction for liquid, solid, and vapor samples while also providing continuous, direct air monitoring and MS/MS. The Griffin 460 is ideal for field-based forensics and other mobile laboratory applications, as well as for integration into facility air handling systems for rapid detection and identification of a chemical agent release.

Simplified Sample Handling

The Griffin 460 simplifies sample handling through the use of unique, extremely light weight accessories such as a fully automated Purge and Trap accessory or the Griffin X-Sorber, the only handheld vapor sampler with thermal desorption capabilities. Each accessory weighs three pounds or less and can be docked with the instrument in less than a minute. User friendly software enables both the non-technical user and analytical chemist to use the instrument with success.