Giotto Unit installed in Cheltenham

11th March 2010

Southern Scientific Ltd. have recently installed a Giotto Full Field Digital Mammography Unit in the new Gloucestershire Breast Screening Unit in Cheltenham.

With its Biopsy Digit SL and Mammobed the Giotto is a true 2 in 1 Mammography Unit, allowing one Mammography room to be used for routine screening purposes with conversion to a Prone Stereotactic Biopsy Unit in a matter of minutes.

Giotto IMAGE 3DL has the latest generation Digital detector using Amorphous Selenium 2. The most up-to-date technology, teamed with advanced user software, offers radiologists the most powerful and reliable diagnostic instrument available today. It reduces installation and equipment costs as well as saving space.

For further information please contact a member of our Medical Sales department.