Monitor radon isotopes in water, on-scene with the new wave of AlphaGUARD

5th September 2019

Radon, Rn, is a radioactive, invisible noble gas. 222Rn, the most common isotope, accounts for 50% of all human exposure to natural radiation. The Bertin AlphaGUARD DF2000 is a portable radon monitor. Read more about how to measure Rn concentration using the AlphaGUARD.

Customize the Radhound radiation monitor with a wide range of probes

29th August 2019

The Radhound has the capability to adapt to niche situations with the array of probes available. The probes produce accurate and efficient measurements when used with the Radhound. Read more here.

Instant on-scene arson identification with the G510's GC-MS technology

21st August 2019

The FLIR Griffin G510 can be used to detect accelerants at arson crime scenes. It uses GC-MS to quickly identify the products used. Find out more here.