University of Liverpool choose complete preclinical solution

8th November 2018

The University of Liverpool have chosen Southern Scientific's preclinical maging solution for its new preclinical laboratory. The foundation of the solution are the powerful MOLECUBES preclinical PET/SPECT/CT imagers, offering whole body in-vivo multimodal preclinical imaging. To find out more click here. 

Identify potential explosive threats with Fido X2 & X3 explosive trace detectors

31st October 2018

FLIR's Fido X2 and X3 explosive trace detectors can help you to identify potential threats from suspect packages. With the recent events in the USA, with explosive packages being sent to political figures, it is now imperative to be able to identify potential threats from suspect packages. Click to find out how you can with X2 and X3. 

Why you should upgrade your dose calibrator

25th October 2018

With Capintec discontinuing the CRC-25R, we spoke to an experienced user of the newer generation CRC 55tR  dose calibrator. With a simple touchscreen display, the CRC 55tR provide the speed, accuracy and reliability you need to measure and prepare doses. Click here to learn more.