Claim your exclusive 20% discount for the AlphaE for a limited time only

7th March 2018

Claim your exclusive 20% discount for the AlphaE ultra-small continuous radon monitor for a limited time only. Find out how easy it is. 

Has your current provider stopped supporting your operating system?

6th March 2018

Old operating system? We have a perfect solution to sustain your MiE can provide you with their Scintron software, which is compatible with even the latest operating systems, ensure excellent image quality. Learn how you can extend the life of your here.  

Don't be limited by the lab - with FLIR's G510 chemical detector

27th February 2018

The Griffin G510 can quickly and easily identify chemical hazards in emergency situations; purpose built for portability and with an array of innovative features, the G510 ensures ultimate flexibility within field missions. Find out more.