Tracerco's new personal electronic dosimeter with an extended dose rate range

11th May 2018

Tracerco have launched a new addition to their popular personal dosimeter line.  The PED-ER and PED-ER+ have an extended dose rate range of 1 Sv/h (100 R/h), and maintain the familiar rugged, compact, and lightweight design making them perfect for various applications. Click to read more. 

Care Wise to showcase the new C-Trak Apollo Gamma Probe System

30th April 2018

Check out the latest C-Trak Apollo Gamma Probe System sentinel node biopsies, now with new connectivity options. Find out how it could help your department's surgery. 

The SaphyRAD E is a new-generation multiprobe contamination monitor

25th April 2018

Introducing the SaphyRAD E multiprobe radioactive contamination monitor, a new-generation multiprobe contamination monitor designed to detect surface contamination within controlled areas or on personnel leaving those areas. Find out more.