X-ray Quality Assurance (QA) Devices

Quality assurance devices and test tools are essential whenever X-ray radiation is used, which is typically in a laboratory, dentistry or medical facility. At the heart of the quality assurance (QA) set up in any environment where X-ray emitting devices are deployed is an accurate X-ray measurement system. This is complemented by other X-ray test tools, and often external probes and accessories that tailor the QA meters to the specific requirements of the situation.

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X-ray QA Test Tools

X-ray test tools or measurement systems are suitable for varying applications. Not all customer requirements are the same with the Piranha Premium Kit having six variations along with three versions each (KV,Dose or KV & Dose of the Radiography & Cobia Dental. With all the QA meters we supply, you only pay for what you need - whether that is a specific probe, a high degree of flexibility, or a convenient self-contained form factor.

We can supply QA meters from leading manufacturers such as RTI & Pehamed, with associated equipment from Pro-Project. RTI X-ray test tools,the Flex & Piranha can be connected to a computer via the Ocean software package, which facilitates in-depth analysis across multiple devices and allows for reports to be created with ease.

We also have a range of other QA devices including digital light meters, pinhole cameras and image quality indicators.

QA X-ray Probes and Accessories

X-ray QA probes and accessories allow you to put together an ideally suited test tool. Our range includes products from RTI, a company known for producing highly accurate equipment, ideal for use either in the lab or out in the field that makes day-to-day processes faster, efficient and reproducible. For more information on how we can fulfil your X-ray QA requirements, don't hesitate to contact us