Radon Monitors

Professional radon monitors, suitable for radon risk assessments. For any industry or location where radon exposure is a risk, for scientific and educational purposes, and for personal dose management.

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Radon Monitors for Industry

Those seeking a radon monitor for use in an industry application where there is a discernible risk of unsafe levels of radon will find that the CRM1 & CRM2 radon monitors more than adequately meet their needs. The only difference between the two is that one is active, while the other is passive. Both can be wall mounted and locked, and are designed to withstand variable weather conditions. Find out more.

Laboratory & Reference Grade Radon Monitors

The AB6 radon monitor is suitable for a laboratory environment or for grab samples out in the field. It offers fast and accurate measurements and can interface directly with a computer for data analysis on-the-fly. This makes it ideal for applications including environmental studies and field surveys, as well as in education and research facilities. View the product description to find out more.

The AlphaGUARD can also be used in a laboratory, or out in the field. It guarantees calibration stability for five years and is highly efficient over a wide measurement range. The addition of supplementary temperature, relative humidity and atmospheric pressure sensors make it an highly capable reference instrument.

Radon Monitors for Personal Use

For the monitoring and management of personal radon exposure, a continuous radon monitor is required with a sufficiently small form factor. The AlphaE is such a device. Other features that make it especially well suited for personal use include its ability to calculate dose in real time and change the equilibrium factor. More details are given in the full product description.