Radiation Monitoring Systems

Radiation monitoring systems are used extensively by nuclear facilities and should be deployed in any environment where radioactive materials are handled, transported or stored. It is essential for these sites to continuously monitor radioactivity along the boundaries, as well as in certain areas within the complex.

Radiation Monitoring Systems Reliability 

Should a contamination event occur, the radiation monitoring system is the first line of defence - alerting the facility to the issue so that the necessary action can be taken. Since the radiation monitoring systems need to be operative at all times, reliability is essential.

Gamma Radiation Area Monitoring Systems

Gamma radiation area monitoring systems are used for the measurement of gamma dose rate in a certain area, such as a room or hot cell. The dose rate is displayed, and alarms can be configured to alert the user when a pre-defined level has been exceeded.

Online Radioactivity-in-Water Monitoring Systems

Wilma is the industry standard on-line water monitor capable of radionuclide detection, radioactivity measurement, and spectral analysis. It is a self-contained system which permits periodic acquisition of discrete water samples, from which an MCA spectrum is generated in real-time to identify radionuclides of interest.

The unit can run and transmit data unattended for up to 30 days.

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We supply industry leading radiation area and in-water monitoring systems, including our own Wilma online radioactivity-in-water monitoring system and Saphymo gamma radiation area monitoring systems, to the US and UK markets.

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