Radiation Portal Monitors

Radiation Portal Monitoring

Radiation portal monitoring is used to ensure the safety and security of personnel where there is a potential for materials to either be brought onto the premises, or removed from them. Southern Scientific supply radiation portal monitors (RPMs) used for the detection and identification of radioactive material. We supply pedestrian, vehicle and train scanners including spectroscopic and nonspectroscopic options.

Radiation Portal Monitor Applications

Radiation portal monitors are used in environments in which a vehicle or person could potentially be entering or leaving a site, such a scrapyard, with radioactive materials. They are also used for security purposes in airports and border control areas.

Our range of radiation portal monitors includes devices suitable for each specific requirement and application.

Custom-Made Radiation Portal Monitors

From the first inquiry to the installation of the portal monitor, we can create a custom-made system tailored to customer requirements by liaising directly with manufacturers. For further information please contact us.