Personal Dosimeters

Personal radiation dosimeters are required in any industry where radiation is used, or radioactive samples are handled. This includes all areas of nuclear medicine and radiology as well as in the veterinary industry, the nuclear power industry, and in scientific research.

Personal radiation detectors are also required where radiation-based detectors are used for security and defence or industrial applications.

Electronic Personal Dosimeters

Electronic personal dosimeters have a number of distinct advantages, including increased accuracy and the ability to log exposure on internal memory. Depending on the exact intended usage of the personal radiation detector additional features may be required such as user set radiation limit alarms, Bluetooth connectivity to transmit data to another device in real time and accurate GPS tracking from which a radiation map can be created.

Other distinguishing features include the form factory, durability and waterproofness, whether or not the device is intrinsically safe (versus the convenience of a standard charging port) and the user interface.

Personal dosimeter applications

Personal electronic dosimeters have several uses including non-destructive testing, emergency services, and first responders (CRBNe), border controls, medical and life sciences, oil and gas environments and nuclear medicine.

PED demonstrations

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