MiniTRACE Beta is a contamination meter designed to improve the safety of workers in control areas of nuclear power plants, reprocessing facilities, research centers and hospitals. It can likewise offer strong safety benefits to public bodies like the police, fire brigades, first responders, health officers and radiation protection inspectors. Its simple use allows to detect possible spots of contamination fast and precisely. Electricité de France uses a large quantity of MiniTRACE Beta for this kind of measurement in their nuclear power plants.

Four alarm thresholds are pre-programmed and can be changed by the user via IR communication (optional, incl. IR-Transceiver). The mode for calculation of the mean value can be started by pressing a button. Free programmable count-up timer (C10).

MiniTRACE Beta is equipped with batteries ensuring extra-long operation time (2 000 hours at < 100 Bq). Its 6-digit display shows the measurement value with a fix decimal point. In an additional alphanumeric segment consisting of 5-digits, alarms and instrument quality events are displayed.

  • Fast response time (1 sec.)
  • Integration time adapted to change of measured value
  • Additional “mean value mode”
  • Count-up mode (free settable timer via software)
  • Long battery lifetime (2 000 hours)
  • Four settable alarm thresholds, visual and audible alarm output
  • Infrared interface
  • Audible pulse output
  • Radiological control areas such as in nuclear power plants or reprocessing facilities
  • Research centers, industrial X-ray applications
  • Hospitals, police, fire brigades and first responders
  • Schools, universities, educational purposes
  • Radioactive material in building- or raw materials, scrap, minerals etc.
  • Search for depleted and enriched uranium, fission products 


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