VME64x represents an extension of the VME64 Standard, VITA 1-1994 and became industry standard in 1996.

It defines a set of features that can be added to VME and VME64 boards, backplanes and subracks.

The major new features of VME64x are expanded, 5-row P1/J1 and P2/J2 backplane connectors with 160 pins and an optional 95 pin 2 mm hard metric P0/J0 connector for more user defined I/O.

The 5-row connectors are backwards compatible to the 3-row VME/VME65 connectors. The additional pins are used for more signal ground returns, user defined I/O pins and geographical addressing.

Defining a 2-edge VME protocol bandwidths up to 160 MBytes/s can be achieved (2eVME). A synchronous data transfer can further boost it to 360Mbytes/s (2eSST).

VME64x defines with +3.3V and 48V additional power lines and increases the +5V power and ground capability per slot. Live insertion of modules is provided. Using the IEEE 1101.10 mechanical standard for the bin parts, card rails and front panels ESD / EMC protection is improved.


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