Conveyor belt monitoring system to automatically monitor scaffold planks and poles for Alpha Beta or Gamma contamination

This conveyor belt monitoring system is designed to provide automatic monitoring of beta/gamma or optionally alpha/beta/gamma contamination on scaffold planks or poles. The system consists of a mobile central unit containing the conveyor belt drive system and measuring electronics and separate mobile loading and unloading take-up tables with rollers.

The Scaffold Monitor provides a reliable, consistent method of monitoring large area surfaces over a large number of samples not practical with hand held probes.


  • Large high sensitivity lead shielded  area (366 cm2). Rugged sealed proportional counters with 4.5 mg/cm2 titanium windows
  • 2 independent alarming ratemeters with automatic background subtraction
  • Variable speed conveyor from 50 cm/min
  • Independent audible and visual alarms for top and underneath surfaces
  • Emergency stop and reversing controls
  • Adjustable height upper and lower detectors
  • Adjustable guide rails for scaffold poles or planks
  • Roller for Melinex foil to allow protection of lower detector
  • 12.7 mm lead detector shielding on all sides
  • Detectors height adjustable from measuring surfaces
Detectors 2x PC-3662 rugged sealed proportional detectors with 4.5 mg/cm2 titanium windows
Dimensions Active area: 355 cm2Active width: 325 mmActive length 115 mm
Lead Shielding 12.7 mm thick, surrounding both detectors
Detector Efficiency 90Sr/90Y:    27%60Co:          10.5%239Pu:        10%137Cs:        23%147Pm:       5%14C:            4%55Fe:          5%
Min. Detectable Activities At 10mm from detector with belt speed 0.6m/min60Co:      20Bq14C:        100Bq137Cs:    8Bq55Fe:      370Bq
Electronics 2x ratemeter AARM-91 : one for each detector
Power Requirements 220/110 V AC, 50 Hz


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