Equivalent to the NE BP6 / AP2, there are three versions of these 16 in2 (100 cm2) window probes available:

  • Alpha only (Zinc sulphide layer).
  • Beta only (Plastic scintillator).
  • Alpha/ Beta (Zinc sulphide bonded to a plastic scintillator).

The use of a plastic scintillator avoids the traditional use of anthracene in this application, with a comparable response.


SS600 Alpha/Beta, α background 1.9 cps, β background 7.5 cps. Listed as percentage of 2π emission rate

Nuclide Emission Efficiency
Am-241 α 39.30%
Pu-238 α 42%
Nat U α 43.1
Sr-90/Y-90 β 38.4
C-14 β 1.5
Pm-147 β 4.7%
Pu-238 β 4.7
Co-60 β 14
Cs-137 β 28.8



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