Sectional Phantoms for Radiography

Anthropomorphic body sections or Sectional Phantoms have applications throughout the field of Radiography. Sectional Phantoms are an ideal substitute for real patients for training/teaching applications.

Sectional Phantoms with realistic duplicated human tissue & architecture

  • A selection of body parts all with the same anatomic & radiographic fidelity as the PIXY phantom.
  • These phantoms provide a comprehensive evaluation of the imaging system & imaging techniques under realistic conditions.

Full range of sectional phantom models:

Model Position Opaque Transparent
Head with Cervical Spine   RSD/RS-108 RSD/RS-108T
Head without Cervical Spine   RSD/RS-109 RSD/RS-109T
Thorax   RSD/RS-111 RSD/RS-111T
Pelvis   RSD/RS-113 RSD/RS-113T
Hand/Wrist Natural Position RSD/RS-114 RSD/RS-114T
Hand/Wrist Oblique Position RSD/RS-115 RSD/RS-115T
Foot/Ankle Natural Position RSD/RS-116 RAS/RS-116T
Foot/Ankle Extended Position RSD/RS-117 RSD.RS-117T
Knee Natural Position RSD/RS-118 RSD/RS-118T
Knee 90 Flexion RSD/RS-119 RSD/RS-119T
Elbow Natural Position RSD/RS-120 RSD/RS-120T
Elbow 90 Flexion RSD/RS-121 RSD/RS-121T
Arm/Shoulder Natural Position RSD/RS-122 RSD/RS-122T
Leg/Hip Natural Position RSD/RS-123 RSD/RS-123T


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