The world wide standard for QualityAssurance for Radiotherapy

The ART phantoms are moulded of  tissue-equivalent materialand they are designed for accuracy and ease of use.

The ART phantom slices are held between aluminium plates bynylon tie rods and the knobs at the ends of the rods clamp theslices tightly in proper alignment.

The external assembly facilities film Dosimetry, while the internalassembly is used generally with TLD's or ion-chamber Dosimetry.

  • Soft tissue equivalent is made to the average density of a human body.
  • Detailed polymer skeleton that emulates the density.
  • The phantom is subdivided into 2.5 cm slices.
  • Incorporates 'Dosimetry Holes' for placement of TLDs.
  • These are indispensable QA tools.
  • The skeleton has the attenuation co-efficient of natural bone.
  • They provide an integrated test of the entire chainof treatment planning and delivery.

Male - A.R.T. represents a 175 cm / 5'9" male, weighing 73.5 kgs / 11.5 stone

Female - A.R.T. represents a 155 cm / 5'1" female, weighing 50 kgs / 7.75 stone

Gender Type Sections Not Driled *3 x 3 cm Code *1.5 x 1.5 cm Code
Male Body 0-35 RSD/ART-200x RSD/ART-200 RSD/ART-200A
Male Head & Neck 0-09 RSD/ART-210X RSD/ART-210 RSD/ART-210A
Male Chest 10-25 RSD/ART-211X RSD/ART-211 RSD/ART-211A
Male Pelvis 26-35 RSD/ART-212X RSD/ART-212 RSD/ART-212A
Female Body 0-32 RSD/ART-300X RSD/ART-300 RSD/ART-300A
Female Head & Neck 0-09 RSD/ART-310X RSD/ART-310 RSD/ART-300A
Female Chest 10-23 RSD/ART-311X RSD/ART-311 RSD/ART-311A
Female Pelvis 24-32 RSD/ART-312X RSD/ART-312 RSD/ART-312A



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