A complete QA acceptance testing protocol & SPECT Gamma Camera QC solution with the NMToolKit QA

QA Benchmarks' NMToolKit Analysis supports NEMA acceptance testing protocols and routine SPECT Gamma Camera QC.

NMToolKit QA NEMA processing tools

The kit supports intrinsic spatial resolution and intrinsic spatial linearity, with multiple window spatial registration (with and without scatter).

NMToolKit QA provides SPECT reconstructed spatial resolution with and without scatter, as well as flood field uniformity and system planar sensitivity. 

NMToolKit QA SPECT QC processing tools

Deluxe Jaszczak phantom (Data Spectrum, Durham, NC)

  • Reconstructed image uniformity
  • Contrast - solid spheres

Ectphan™ (The Phantom Laboratory, Salem, NY)

  • Slice thickness, slice incrementation, pixel size, spatial resolution – point spread function (PSF), reconstructed image uniformity
  • NEMA SPECT reconstructed spatial resolution with scatter (3 line or point source inserts)


  • Results available in PDF format
  • Database for all results
  • Export database to csv file format
  • Camera summary reports from database

NMToolKit QA Fixtures

Available within the kit are test fixtures for NEMA Nu1- 2012, including: 

  • Multiple Window Spatial Resolution (2.5) - Test pattern and 3 tungsten source holders (2cc vial capacity 9 vials supplied)
  • System Spatial Resolution without Scatter (3.1) - Line source fixture (1mm ID) with 2 - 10cm height support stands with two line source placements 10 cm spaced.
  • SPECT Reconstructed Spatial Resolution without Scatter (4.2) - Support plate with supply (approx. 27) of 1 mm ID glass capillary tubes and sealant.


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