The SOR dosimeter line is built upon two basic versions: the SOR/R is used for residual/ambient gamma measurements.

Hardened military-grade versions of the DMC 2000 family of dosimeters, the SOR series of personal electronic dosimeters provide stable, acurate dose measurement for soldiers, first responders, and anyone needing lightweight, easily configurable radiation monitoring. 

An important special feature of the SOR line is its ability to meet the needs of various applications with one product. Given its multi-detector architecture the measurement range covered is broad, and includes high level gamma and neutron dose rates as well as low level radiations (L.L.R).

These dosimeters are qualified in accordance with current military and civil standards. The SOR line has even exceeded some of the standards currently in use in order to account for harsh operational environments.

The SOR dosimeter has been selected by most NATO countries.

  • Assignable electronic dosimeters
  • Waterproof, light and small
  • Rugged for battlefield us
  • Hand free communication, pass-by exchange
  • Data communication through clothing layers


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