BPP 30 HV mobile protection shield

The BPP30 HV mobile protection shield offers optimal vision thanks to its lead glass viewing window while protecting the operator from high energy radiation.

The BPP30 HV mobile shield was developed to protect the operator when handling radioactive sources.

  • Ergonomics: height adjusted by a pedal-actuated hydraulic system
  • Optimum whole-body radiation protection: by adjusting the height
  • Adaptable: optional shelf
  • Optimum viewing: high-density lead glass window inclined at 45°

BPP 30 HV mobile protection shield specifications

Category Specification
Outer dimensions: L 666 x D 739 x H 1,447/1,647 mm
Height when inclined:  1,230 to 1,430 mm
Viewing window dimensions:  L 320 x H 200 x Th. 80 mm
Window angle: 45°
Weight: 255 kg
Radiation protection:  30 mm lead / 80 mm lead glass
Volume: L 1,025 x D 725 x H 1,800 mm
Weight:  300 kg


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