Radiation Vial Shield

Protecting from Beta radiation, this shielding from Hoy provides the user with optimal radiation shielding within all work phases with the use of acrylic and lead glass.

The high density (5.2g/cm3) lead glass vial shield protects the user from hand and eye exposure when inspecting vials before aspiration. The new vial glass offers complete 360° visibility at all times. The vial glass is shielded for low-energy isotopes.

Tungsten components within the vial shield allow for small physical dimensions and are lightweight. The lead glass has a unique magnetic lift-off top for needle injection. The enclosed vial adapters ensure that the vial is always correctly positioned and aligned.

 Lead Glass Thickness

22.3 mm


Internal: D 37 x H 72 mm
External: D 94 x H 120 mm


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