Filter Media For Air Sampling - Nuclear Grade Carbon & Silver Zeolite Cartridges

Silver Impregnated Zeolite Cartridges

The “AGX” Series, Silver impregnated Zeolite Cartridges contain a highly efficient inorganic adsorbent for the collection and removal of elemental and organic forms of radioactive Iodine. 

Laboratory test indicate that radioactive Xenon, Krypton, and other Noble Gases are not retained to any signifi-cant degree by Silver impregnated Zeolite cartridges (approximately 1/15,000th, or less, than that retained by activated Carbon). 

The media is nonflammable and operates at a very high efficiency at elevated tem-peratures.  These cartridges are the preferred and specified type for use in post accident standby monitoring systems. 

All AGX-Se-ries cartridges are individually heat-sealed in an airtight 6-mil polyethylene package to prevent contamination before use.  


TEDA Impregnated Carbon Cartridges

TEDA (triethylene di-amine) impregnated Carbon filter media has a high affinity for the adsorption, chelation and retention of the vari-ous species of Iodine. 

The HI-Q Environmental Products Company manufactures a number of configurations of activated carbon cartridges to fit almost all industry standard, cartridge holders. 

The most common size in the industry is the 2¼” dia. x 1” thick unit.  These are HI-Q’s “TC-Series” cartridges.  This cartridge container is made of radiation yellow, high-density polypropylene which is chemically inert, with a spun polypropylene retainer. 

The cartridges are easily cut open for analysis.  Other popular HI-Q cartridge configurations are the 2½” dia. x 1” (TCAL-Series), and the 2½” dia. x 1½” (TCGA-Series) metal can configuration commonly used in post-accident monitors. 

All cartridges are heat-sealed in an airtight 6-mil polyethene package to prevent contamination before use. 

The unopened package has an industry-accepted ten-year shelf life.  Ten cartridges are contained in each package/sleeve. Custom packaging is available with no minimum order.

Filter Media For Air Sampling Options

What mesh size media should you use?

HI-Q has three mesh sizes of impregnated Carbon available.  They are: 8 x 16, 20 x 40 and 30 x 50 Mesh. 

These three Mesh sizes are made available because sampling requirements vary, depending on, flow rate, sampling duration, sampling equipment type, Iodine specie, etc.

As a rule, the smaller the physical mesh size (i.e. 30 x 50), the higher the Iodine retention efficiencies, but the greater the pressure drop through the filter cartridge (smaller size materials present a greater surface area allowing higher gas to surface contact).

Because of the high-pressure drop, it is recommended however that the very fine 30 x 50 Mesh cartridges only be used in positive displacement pump systems, NOT high volume centrifugal fan or battery-operated pump samplers..


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