Compact, light and manoeuvrable floor monitor

  • Lightweight
  • 100cm² active area
  • Switch for Alpha / Beta / Gamma counting
  • Microprocessor controlled compensation of detector
  • Automatic range switching
  • View count rate, average count rate, maximum count rate or accumulated counts
  • Settable alarm thresholds

The FM 6150K is a compact, convenient floor monitor from Southern Scientific based on the reliable Automess 6150AD dose rate meter.

The sealed proportional counting tube gives very good efficiency for 90Sr/90Y and other alpha and beta emitters like 241Am, 60Co, 137Cs, 131I and 36Cl. Being sealed it requires no filling or flushing.

An adjustable handle and two small wheels make the FM 6150K easy to manoeuver around obstacles and under benches or tables, even up walls, going where larger heavier floor monitors cannot. The rate meter can be slotted in, as shown above, or connected via a 1 m cable or longer.

In 10 seconds the handle is detached and the contamination monitor can be used on clothing, hands, shoes and work surfaces.


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