Alpha, Beta and Gamma contamination probe, powered by the 6150AD5/6

  • End window GM
  • Suitable for low intensity X-ray or gamma radiation

Analog range: 0.1 s¯¹ - 10k s¯¹

Digital range: 0.01 s¯¹ - 9.99k s¯¹

Detector End window tube LND 7231 or equivalent, not energy compensated, gamma sensitivity at 137Cs approx. 5600 pulses per µSv
Tube window or tube wall resectively Dimensions: Diameter 28mm that is 6.2 cm2 in areaMaterial: Mica, areal density 1.5 - 2 mg/cm2
Range 0.01 S-1 to 10 kS-1
Temperature range -30°C to +50°C (137Cs gamma radiation free in air)
Humidity and pressure 0 - 95% relative humidityAtmospheric pressure 60 - 130 kPa (600 - 1300 mbar)
Power Supply 4.75 V out of 6150AD
Dimensions 40 (diameter) x 132 (length) mm
Weight ~ 180 g including protective cap
Probe cable Max. 100 m


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