The Teletector 6112M is a portable battery operated dose rate meter to measure photon radiation (gamma and X-radiation), and to detect beta radiation. Two GM counter tubes serve as detectors. The stainless steel telescope can be continuously extended up to more than four metres, its tip carries the two tubes. The tubes are placed along the axis one behind the other; a groove marks the center of each tube. The low range tube (end window tube ZP1400) can also detect beta radiation. Together with the high range tube (ZP1300) the Teletector covers a dose rate range from 0.1 µSv/h to Sv/h, where it automatically switches between the two tubes.

The Teletector 6112M simultaneously measures dose rate, dose, dose rate mean value, standard deviation of mean value, and dose rate maximum value. A fully graphic liquid crystal display (LCD) with switchable illumination (LED backlight) shows all the information. Four keys allow to select functions from a menu, where the display always describes the current functions of all keys. Menu options are represented in plain language. The user may select one of the three pre-programmed languages (English, French, German) or even a fourth individually programmed language. Besides the current function the display always shows some important parameters in a status line: battery condition, detector in use (low or high range), date, time, and whether alarm thresholds have been exceeded.

The loudspeaker allows single pulse detection and sounds when some alarm is on. In case of contamination, the speaker may easily be replaced without having to open the instrument.

A non-volatile memory stores all settings when switching the Teletector off or when replacing the batteries. The real time clock keeps date and time with the help of a rechargeable back-up battery. A 16-bit microprocessor controls all the functions.

Detectors:Low rangetube (LR) Beta Gamma end window tube ZP1400 energy compensated, effective length 40 mm, sensitivity at Cs-137 approx. 5800 pulses per µSv
Detectors:High rangetube (HR) Gamma tube ZP1300, energy compensated, effective length 8 mm,sensitivity at Cs-137 approx. 100 pulses per µSv
Dose range 10 nSv to 10 Sv (beyond 10 Sv up to 100 Sv flashing)
Storage temperature -40°C to +85°C
Humidity Nominal range 0 - 95% (at -20°C to +60°C)
Power Supply Four C cells (LR14, AM2)
Housing Aluminium, die-cast.
Dimensions Total length: 97 cm to 417 cm. Width: 13 cm. Maximum height approx. 8 cm.
Weight 2.7 kg (without batteries). 3.0 kg (including batteries).


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