First introduced in 1981 the Teletector 6112D’s electronics were totally re-designed in 2005 to provide all the benefits of a modern microprocessor, such as a floating time constant and digital calibration with excellent linearity. The self-monitoring feature issues an error message if the GM tubes appear to be defective. The LCD has four large digits with an LED backlight. In order to save batteries, the backlight goes on automatically only if ambient light conditions are insufficient.

The current electronics are compatible with the old ones so that they may be used to upgrade or repair older Teletectors including Roentgen versions. They also provide various operational modes which allow the user to disable some of the new features making operation appear more or less similar to the old electronics.

Two GM counting tubes serve as detectors on the Teletector 6112D/H. The stainless steel telescope can be continuously extended up to four metres; its tip carries the two tubes. The 6112D/H is designed to measure Ambient Dose Equivalent H*(10) in Sievert units.

Particular advantages of the Teletector 6112D/H are:

  • Safety by distance: Telescopic extendable up to 4 m total length.
  • Wide range from 01 μSv/h to 10 Sv/h
  • Beta detection.
  • Modern electronics, microprocessor controlled, self-monitoring,floating time constant, digital calibration with excellent linearity,automatic battery warning.
  • Various operational modes allow adaptation to individual requirements.
  • LCD with LED backlight controlled by ambient light conditions.
  • Rugged construction, simple operation.
  • Low power consumption, up to 5000 operating hours with four C cells.

Operation is extremely simple, just turn the main switch to the required range.

The time constant switch allows to set the counting period to 1, 4, or 16 seconds. However, the time constant switch is only required for some of the operational modes. Most modes, including factory default, use a time constant which floats automatically from 16 to 1 seconds according to dose rate.

Detectors (energycompensated):Low range tube (LR) Beta/gamma end window tube ZP1400 or equivalent.
Detectors (energycompensated):High range tube (HR) Gamma GM tube ZP1300 or equivalent.
Dose range Low range: 0.01 - 9900 µSv/hHigh range: 0.01 - 9900 mSv/h
Detection ofbeta radiation With the low range tube through beta window in the probehead's front surface, thickness approx. 25 mg/cm2
Humidity Nominal range 0 - 85% (at -20°C to +60°C)
Power Supply Four C cells (LR14, AM2), nominal voltage range 3.5 to 7 volt.
Housing Aluminium, die-cast.
Dimensions Length: 895 mm (telescope pushed in). Width: 130 mm. Height: 84 mm.
Weight Approx. 3 kg (without batteries). 3.3 kg (including batteries).


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